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  1. Rely on your family always. Just don’t let it become a habit for it is a hard one to break. Freedom is earned with persistent self-reliance. Not striving for self-reliance leads to a restriction of your freedom.Spiritual Was this answer helpful?

  2. Way to go Dave. We … Way to go Dave. We were illegally foreclosed on purpose to track how the illegal activity happens from a~z we fought the banks on their bogus assignments & forged documents to no avail and worked tirelessly gathering all the evidence but thanks to Neil Garfield who’s insight helped me fully understand the entire process from SPV’s,Yield Spread Premiums,Derivatives & how judges pensions are based on foreclosures We stayed happy, made the best of difficult times & moved on~ Starting OVER again Was this answer helpful?

  3. Some of the historical examples of human subjects as research subjects are that they didn’t view them in a personal way. As with Henrietta she was just a group of cells labled HeLa. They were more impersonal to her because she was a black woman, and in that time in meant that she was less worthy. They experimented on her with every possible cure for the cancer that they knew, not knowing if it would work or not. With the article in question, they gave them an experimental drug which they did not know how it would affect the patients.

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